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How to Replace Your Car Registration in Pennsylvania

To obtain a duplicate car registration in Pennsylvania or recover lost car registration documents, you can complete the process online, in person or by mail. You should replace car registration credentials when your documents are stolen, lost or damaged. It is important to have your DMV registration copy on hand when stopped by the police or involved in an accident. Although Pennsylvania no longer requires registration stickers, you are required to have a valid registration card in your car at all times. Learn more about how to replace car registration documents, including the different ways available, below.

Fees and Requirements When Replacing Your Pennsylvania Auto Registration

If you request a duplicate vehicle registration card after 30 days of obtaining your registration, you must pay a fee. There will be an additional fee for registration plates. The cost for your Pennsylvania DMV copy of registration documents will depend on what kind of registration plate you selected when you registered your vehicle. It may cost more to obtain a car registration copy in Pennsylvania for a specialty plate.

Note: You can obtain a copy of car registrationdocuments without paying a fee if you could not print your documents online when you originally completed the registration process.

Lost vehicle registration documents must be valid at the time of the replacement request. You cannot request Pennsylvania duplicate car registration documents if your insurance or registration is expired. You must bring these documents to proper standing before obtaining your copies.

How to Replace Your Car Registration Online in Pennsylvania

You can complete the duplicate PA car registration process online for your convenience. In order to regain your lost car registration credentials through the online portal, you must have a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) account. When first obtaining vehicle registration, you can also get multiple Pennsylvania DMV registration copies. Additionally, if you experience an error in printing your documents when obtaining registration credentials, you have 30 days to request duplicate auto registration documents without the assigned replacement fee.

If you choose not to replace car registration online, you can use one of the other available methods.

How to Obtain a Pennsylvania Duplicate Car Registration in Person

You can replace Pennsylvania auto registration at your local PennDOT location, such as a DMV or Messenger Service Office. When replacing car registration in person, bring approved identification such as your driver's license. Your DMV lost registration information will be on file with PennDOT and must match the name and address you provide as verification.

How to Replace Your Car Registration by Mail in Pennsylvania

If you cannot access your PA vehicle registration copy when you complete your paperwork online, you can apply to replace vehicle registration through the mail free of charge. Request your DMV registration copy utilizing the Application for Duplicate Registration Card for Customer Printed Credential. You can only replace auto registration using this process if you processed your vehicle registration online and could not print your permanent car registration copy.

Furthermore, you can also request a car registration replacement via mail from scratch. Your lost auto registration can be replaced by filling out the Application for Duplicate Registration form and sending it to the DOT. You will need to include the reason for replacement and what kind of registration documents you need to replace. If you are replacing car registration plates, you must indicate if the items were stolen, lost or damaged.

Steps to Replace Your Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration After Damage

Replacing car registration documents is necessary if your registration card cannot be read clearly. Your registration card must feature your correct name and address. Replacing auto registration for your vehicle is crucial if your document is ripped, smudged or damaged in a way that makes the registration information illegible.

Similarly, you should obtain a vehicle registration copy from your local PennDOT office if your registration plate is damaged and the plate number cannot be easily read. You can request a duplicate plate if you have a current registration on file and can provide documentation for your valid plate.

You pay be able to request a free Pennsylvania DMV car registration plate if your plate is illegible due to age and wear. To determine if your plate qualifies, you must undergo an inspection from a verified inspection office. A police officer can also request that a driver obtain a duplicate registration copy if the officer deems the plate cannot be easily read. You must submit the appropriate form by mail to complete this replacement process.

Steps to Replace Your Pennsylvania Auto Registration After Theft

Lost car registration can lead to many legal issues. Your plate can be used to commit fraud and your vehicle information could be augmented and used by someone else. You could be held responsible for illegal activities committed with a stolen PA auto registration duplicate when your registration information is involved in a crime or traffic incident. Therefore, as soon as you discover your information has been stolen, you must report this theft to law enforcement.

Steps to Replace Your Pennsylvania Car Registration After Updating Your Personal Information

You should request a DMV registration copy in Pennsylvania if you need to change your name or address in order to have all of your driving documentation feature accurate personal information. You can replace car registration online when changing your address in Pennsylvania. You can also obtain a PA vehicle registration copy by mail or in person using the Application for Duplicate Registration form.

A copy of car registration information must be requested if you discover your name is printed incorrectly on your registration card. It is crucial that the duplicate vehicle registration feature your accurate information. If you find that there is a discrepancy between your license and registration card, or between the names on file with PennDOT, you must make these changes using the appropriate forms.

If you do not hold the title to your vehicle due to a car loan, you must contact your lender to obtain authorization for your Pennsylvania DMV registration copy.

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