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How to Perform a Car Registration Address Change in Pennsylvania

You can perform an address change on car registration in Pennsylvania in several different ways. However, you must understand how to change car registration address information based on your method of choice in order to avoid problems with your PA auto registration. Not changing car registration addressinformation could result in penalties from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Additionally, you may not be able to access driving records, make changes through the PennDOT portal or apply for services if your address is incorrect in the system. Learn more below.

How to Change Car Registration Address Information in Person in Pennsylvania

Your change of address car registration application can be processed in person at your local PennDOT-approved location. You can discover how to change the address on your car registration with the paper application instructions. After reading through the steps, print the change Pennsylvania car registration address application, fill it out, and bring it to a physical location along with your identification.

To complete the DMV change of address registration process at a physical location, you will need your driver’s license, verification of your new address and proof of your legal presence in the U.S. Pennsylvania DMV car registration address change requests also require a valid Social Security card for U.S citizens, or a valid residency card for other lawful U.S residents. While completing an address change on auto registration documents in person, you must submit original documents.

After changing vehicle registration address information in person, you will receive a card with your updated information. This card is for temporary use until you receive your new registration documents.

How to Complete an Address Change on Car Registration Online in Pennsylvania

To change car registration addressdetails online, you must meet certain PennDOT criteria. The following residents cannot perform an online address change on car registrationdocuments in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • Commercial drivers
  • Residents with vehicles registered to dealerships
  • Residents moving out of PA
  • Residents with suspended registrations
  • Residents with suspended or expired licenses

You can complete thePennDOT change of address registration process online if you have a valid registration and license. You must also be living within the state of Pennsylvania at a valid residence to complete the process online.

The onlinevehicle registration address change process mandates that you provide your new address, your driver’s license information, and your vehicle’s title and registration number. You can submit change of address car registration application data online for two Pennsylvania residents at once. Additionally, you can change the registration address of three vehicles at one time, as long as they are all being transferred to a single address.

Once you learn how to change address on registration documents online and complete the process, you will be mailed a card that indicates your change of address within 10 days. This card is free of charge and should be kept with your driver's license and registration documentation at all times to prove that you have made the needed changes to your address.

How to Change Your Vehicle Registration Address Information by Mail in Pennsylvania

Changing car registration address information by mail is also a valid option in Pennsylvania. You can submit the appropriate DMV auto registration address change form for your new address and mail it to PennDOT for processing. When changing auto registration address information as a commercial driver, a different form is required for processing. You will also submit a fee to receive your new registration documents.

When you change your Pennsylvania car registration address data through the mail, you will receive a card with your updated information within 10 days of sending your form.

How to Update Your Car Registration Address as a New Pennsylvania Resident

To change your car registration address information as a new resident, you will need to complete the process in person with all of your original documents. Updating auto registration address data requires proof of residency, identification and proof of your vehicle's current registration. To get your Pennsylvania address change on car registration documents approved, you will need to have a valid PA license and valid PA registration.

To change your address on car registration in Pennsylvania as a returning resident, you must complete the same process required for new residents. If you lived outside of PA and registered your car in another state, you must complete the process in person at your local PennDOT-approved location.

When You Should Perform a DOT Car Registration Address Change in Pennsylvania

You must perform an address change on your vehicle registration any time that there is a change in your physical address. Changing your car registration address after moving within Pennsylvania must occur within 15 days of your move. However, when preparing to complete the change of address application, you must identify your registration expiration date. Do not change the address on your vehicle registration if it is set to expire within six months of your move. Instead, you may simply renew your registration with your updated address.

You may be exempt fromupdating your car registration information if you work for a Pennsylvania business that does not have a PA address. Additionally, DMV change of address registration paperwork may not be necessary for some government employees, depending on their work. Before you decide not to submit your change car registration address application in person, online or by mail, you must confirm your exemption status.

Penalties for Not Changing Your Vehicle Registration Address in Pennsylvania on Time

If you do not complete a change of address auto registration application within the designated 15 days after your move, you may be subject to a penalty. Additionally, if you are mailed information from PennDOT and do not receive it because you failed to change your address, you could be subject to registration suspension, fines or increased ticket costs due to your lack of response. The law requires that you alert PennDOT of any residential changes by performing an address change on car registration documents, and if you do not complete these vital steps, you may be penalized for criminal action, especially if you do not respond to a request for traffic ticket payment.

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