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Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania

Picking which college or university to attend can be difficult for students living in Pennsylvania, especially with how many colleges are actually in the state. When considering which college to attend, students should look at a couple of different factors. The first thing many students consider is what sort of majors the school is known for. For example, a student interested in engineering might not want to attend a college known primarily for the liberal arts.

Another one of the big factors when picking which college to attend is the cost. Students should not just look at the cost of tuition, but also what kind of education grants or scholarships are supported by the school. A seemingly expensive school may actually become cheaper than some of the other colleges in the state after students apply reductions from different grants or scholarships. Students should also consider the location of the school. Some students are able to save a great deal of money by commuting back and forth to college instead of paying for room and board. Listed below are just some of the colleges that students can attend in Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia. The university is famously known for being the school that Benjamin Franklin attended. The University of Pennsylvania prides itself on staying up to date with the latest technology. The school is well known for attracting students interested in science and research, since the university has 137 different research centers, and one of the largest research budgets in the state. The school offers a great education outside of the sciences, including a focus on both liberal and theatre arts. Not only is it one of the top universities in the nation, but it is also reasonably priced.

Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania

Swarthmore College is located just a few miles outside of Philadelphia. It is one of the older colleges in the state, and is well known for having an incredible landscape. One of the unique aspects of the school is how it focuses on so many different majors. Students are allowed to design their own customized degree, with focuses on anything from health policies to behavioral economics.

Another unique aspect of the school is community based learning. Instead of taking classes in a traditional classroom, students go out into the community and develop real world experience. It is a great school for students that are looking for a nontraditional college experience.

Haverford College in Pennsylvania

Haverford College is a smaller college, with only an estimated 1,300 students attending each year. Despite having a smaller student body, the school has a very active campus, with over 100 different student groups. Like the University of Pennsylvania, Haverford College is one of the top research institutes in the state. Because of the small student body, it can be a difficult college to get in to. It is also one of the pricier colleges in the state.

Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University

Bucknell University is located in the center of Lewisburg. The school has over 50 different majors, but it is most well-known for social studies. The school places an emphasis on experimental learning, and undergraduate students have plenty of options for research projects. Like Haverford, Bucknell has a small student body, with some of the classes having less than 10 students in attendance. These smaller classes make it easier for teachers to directly interact with students. Bucknell is another one of the pricier colleges in Pennsylvania.

Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr has a very rich history, as it was one of the first schools to accept women into doctorate programs. Since then, the school has placed a greater emphasis on empowering female students. During the year, students have access to the Emily Balch Seminars, which are taught by different members of the faculty. The seminars help encourage diverse thinking among the students. The seminars are named after Emily Balch, a Bryn Mawr graduate who won the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Lafayette College in Pennsylvania

Lafayette College is located in Easton, putting it very close to both New York City and Philadelphia. The location to both major cities is very important for the college, since it focuses on developing leadership skills by directly interacting with the community. The school has four primary academic divisions which students can focus on. These are humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences.

Chatham University in Pennsylvania

Chatham University is one of the more affordable schools in Pennsylvania. The school is most well-known for attracting students interested in health sciences. The university is also known for Eden Hall Campus, which is the first fully sustainable campus in the entire world. As such, the school places a great importance on learning about how technology effects the environment. Like Swarthmore College, Chatham University allows students to make their own major.

Pennsylvania State University

As the flagship university for the state, Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), with a rich tradition. Established in 1855, the school now sees approximately 40,742 undergraduates each year. Despite being one of the largest universities in PA, Penn State’s tuition is low compared to other similar-sized universities at just $17,900 for in-state students (2016 figures). Classes are kept reasonably small with a student to teacher ratio of approximately 16:1. Most who attend Penn State major in engineering, social sciences, biological or biomedical sciences, business, marketing, and management.

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