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Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania traffic tickets may be issued after you break speeding laws, vehicle safety codes, impaired driving laws or child restraint laws in the state. Similarly, you may receive traffic citations for parking illegally. Some traffic violations will require that you simply pay a fine, whereas more serious offenses may require that you appear in court. If eligible, you may also request to appear in court to fight traffic ticket charges on your own. A traffic court lawyer can be a useful asset whether you choose to go to court or are required to do so. A ticket attorney can help you understand your legal rights and potentially convince the court to provide more leniency in the charges against you. Whether you wish to form a traffic ticket defense or accept the charges against you, it is important to understand the penalties for traffic violations in Pennsylvania. Below, find all the information you need to know about getting traffic tickets and finding ticket attorneys.

Penalties for Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets

The severity of a traffic violation in Pennsylvania will determine what penalties you face. The seriousness of a traffic ticket depends upon your age, whether you were driving under the influence, whether you endangered other drivers and the degree of your offense. Penalties may include traffic fines, jail time, suspension of your drivers license, limits on other driving privileges and points being added to your driving record. Pennsylvania’s driving point system allows you to accumulate a certain number of points before you must retake knowledge tests or complete other safety training. When you get a traffic citation, points are often assessed in addition to the other penalties you face with your ticket.

When a Pennsylvania law enforcement officer issues a traffic citation, he or she will tell you what steps you need to take next. If you commit traffic violations that can be satisfied simply by paying a fine, then you can follow the instructions for how to pay a speeding ticket and other tickets in the section below. After getting a PA traffic ticket that requires you to appear in court, it is wise to find a traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible to help you through the legal process.

How Traffic Tickets from Other States Affect Pennsylvania Drivers

If you commit a traffic violation in a different state, then it is important to be aware that your violation could still affect your Pennsylvania drivers license. Traffic tickets from other states can still affect your license because Pennsylvania is part of the national Driver License Compact program. Any serious driving violation you commit in a different state will be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). It will then be treated the same as if the violation occurred in Pennsylvania.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Pennsylvania

Some PA traffic tickets can be settled by paying a fine. Traffic fines can be paid without going to court if you are not required to appear. Fines can also be paid after court proceedings if a payment plan is established in court. Depending on where your traffic ticket was issued in Pennsylvania, the payment methods may vary. Many traffic citations are specific to the municipality or county that issued the ticket, and you must use the payment methods that are locally available. In general, you should have the option “pay traffic ticket online” available or you can choose to pay through the mail or in person.

Paying traffic tickets online is the most popular option and is available in most places in Pennsylvania. To choose the option “pay speeding ticket online” or any other traffic ticket, you will need to have the ticket readily available. You may need to create an online account and refer to information on the ticket to successfully pay a fine. To pay speeding ticket charges or other tickets through the mail, follow the instructions on the ticket and mail your payment to the address listed on the citation. If paying in person is an option where you live, then you will see instructions for the process printed on your ticket as well.

If you do not wish to pay a traffic ticket, then you may be interested in fighting traffic ticket charges instead. Fighting a traffic citation is only an option if you plead not guilty and request a hearing in court.

Fight a Traffic Ticket in Pennsylvania in Court

If you wish to learn how to fight traffic ticket charges in court in PA, then it is important to form a traffic ticket defense with the help of a lawyer first. The laws surrounding Pennsylvania traffic tickets can be challenging to understand, but traffic ticket lawyers can help you navigate the legal process. Before deciding to go to court, it is important to note that you can only request a hearing if you notify the court that you wish to plead not guilty. If you have already plead guilty and paid your traffic fines in Pennsylvania, then you cannot request a hearing. If you are unsure of what to do after getting a traffic ticket, you can always consult a traffic attorney for help.