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Parking Tickets in Pennsylvania

Parking tickets in Pennsylvania are issued when a driver violates parking laws. You can receive parking citations for many different reasons and you must pay parking tickets in a timely manner. Parking tickets are processed through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s parking authority and are subject to increase in amount the longer you wait to pay. You can avoid higher fees by making a parking citation payment as soon as possible. You may be able to avoid paying a parking fine if you feel you were issued one or more parking violations in error. There is a process in place to petition the Pennsylvania parking authority to remove the citation from your record.

What are Pennsylvania parking tickets?

A parking ticket in Pennsylvania is any offense that breaks established parking law.

A parking violation comes with a designated fee that must be paid to avoid consequences. Parking fines are usually provided in paper, and placed on your vehicle by a parking authority agent.

When are Pennsylvania parking citations issued?

Parking citations can be given for violating a posted parking sign, going over designated parking time or for parking a vehicle in a way that is illegal such as blocking a driveway. You can receive a parking fine in PA for parking in a designated disabled parking space without an approved pass displayed properly in your car front windshield. Additionally, you may receive a parking violation, if you park in a loading area, or parking space designated for stores, businesses or individuals.

What are the consequences of receiving a parking violation in Pennsylvania?

Parking citations are a serious matter that carry severe consequences if you do not follow instructions to remedy the parking violation. Parking fines often have one price for the parking violation which will increase over time if the fine is not paid. If the parking authority does not receive your parking fine payment, in the time designated on your ticket, you will quickly accumulate more money to pay. Additionally, Pennsylvania parking authority indicates that you can only accumulate a certain number of parking citations in PA before your registration is suspended. Once your registration is suspended due to unpaid parking violations, you will not have access to renewal and your vehicle insurance could be cancelled.

If you receive an additional parking citation while your registration is suspended due to parking fines, you will be subject to another extended suspension. If you do not pay your parking tickets after being alerted of the suspension, your registration and driver's record will be flagged until you pay all parking penalties, fines and comply with all qualifications to reinstate your registration. You will pay a fee to reinstate your registration, in addition to any registration fees.

If you do not follow the instructions or restore your registration, you could face civil court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

How do you pay a parking ticket with the Pennsylvania parking authority?

You must pay your Pennsylvania parking ticket with the PA parking authority. You can pay your ticket online or by mail. If paying parking violations by mail, you must use a money order or check. Your mailed parking ticket payment must also include your ticket number.

If you choose to pay online, you must use a valid credit card or debit card. In order to complete online payment, you must have the number associated with your ticket.

How can you contest a parking ticket with Pennsylvania parking authority?

There are several ways to contest a parking ticket in Pennsylvania. If you believe you are a victim of identity fraud because you are receiving parking violations that you did not take part in, you must notify the police in the county where you received the fine. To avoid paying parking tickets obtained through identity fraud you must provide proof to the PA court and send verified documents concerning the theft to PennDOT after the court approves your claim. You cannot send parking violation due to fraud dispute information to PennDOT yourself, all documents must be send by the court.

If you believe you received a parking violation in error, you must file a dispute. There are several methods of disputing a parking citation depending on the type of citation received. If you obtained a parking ticket due to a broken meter or was issued a parking fine even with proper evidence of paying a parking meter, you may be able to submit your dispute online. For other disputes you must call or send in your dispute by mail.