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Legal Services in Pennsylvania

When handling issues such as PA child support or traffic tickets, residents of Pennsylvania can take advantage of many legal services by finding the help they need online. First, child support services can help parents who need assistance proving paternity for their children. Second, a child support attorney can help guide parents through the legal process of locating an absent parent so that payments can be established. Child support enforcement ensures that parents can obtain the assistance they need. Child support attorneys and other legal services for PA parents can be accessed online. Traffic violations are another common legal issue that Pennsylvania residents need to handle. A traffic ticket in Pennsylvania may be issued for any number of driving offenses, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding or failing to comply with traffic safety measures. While some violations can be cleared by paying a fine, not all motorists will want to accept the charges against them. Traffic fines and other penalties can be costly and it is important that motorists know how to seek legal help if they wish to contest charges on a ticket. PA drivers can find a qualified traffic ticket attorney or DUI lawyer by using an online service. As DUI laws are often stricter, motorists who are charged with DUI violations may be especially interested in forming a defense with the help of a lawyer. Whether a driver wants to contest a PA traffic violation in court or not, finding an attorney for such circumstances and other legal matters can be done in the following pages.

DUIs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania DUI laws are designed to prevent drunk and impaired driving. Charges for driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated, otherwise known as DUI and DWI charges, carry serious penalties in Pennsylvania. DUI consequences include fines, drivers license suspensions, ignition interlock systems and other penalties. Getting a DUI may or may not require you to appear in court. Additionally, a DUI or DWI charge may require that you appear in one of Pennsylvania’s treatment courts, where you will be assigned to a mandatory treatment program. If you are charged with DUI offenses in PA, a DUI lawyer can help you through the legal process. Find a DUI attorney here to get started on your case. Read More

Child Support in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania child support system is put in place to help single parents receive the financial support they need to raise their children. Child support payments are made by the parent who is not primarily responsible for raising the children, oftentimes referred to as the noncustodial parent. Child support services in Pennsylvania include establishing who the father is (if he is the noncustodial parent) and determining the amount of support the noncustodial parent must pay each month. A division called the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement, a branch of the state Department of Human Services, also ensures that the absent parent starts making payments if he or she falls behind or refuses to pay altogether. Child support lawyers can help parents who need assistance starting the PA child support process. Find a child support attorney here before starting the legal process. Read More

Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania traffic tickets may be issued after you break speeding laws, vehicle safety codes, impaired driving laws or child restraint laws in the state. Similarly, you may receive traffic citations for parking illegally. Some traffic violations will require that you simply pay a fine, whereas more serious offenses may require that you appear in court. If eligible, you may also request to appear in court to fight traffic ticket charges on your own. A traffic court lawyer can be a useful asset whether you choose to go to court or are required to do so. A ticket attorney can help you understand your legal rights and potentially convince the court to provide more leniency in the charges against you. Whether you wish to form a traffic ticket defense or accept the charges against you, it is important to understand the penalties for traffic violations in Pennsylvania. Read More