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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance

Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance is required if you wish to operate a motorcycle on the roads in PA. Insurance for motorcycle riders is also necessary when it comes to registering your motorcycle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and getting your motorcycle license. Pennsylvania has certain requirements that motorbike insurance must cover, which is important to consider when choosing a plan. You may have the option of adding your motorcycle to your existing vehicle insurance plan, for instance. If not, then many motorcycle insurance companies offer policies, making it easy for you to find affordable motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania. Finding the best motorcycle insurance will require comparing plans and getting a motorcycle insurance quote from more than one company. Continue reading for more information on how to get motorcycle insurance, why insurance is necessary and what the minimum insurance requirements are in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements

Pennsylvania requires you to get motorcycle insurance for any two-wheeled motorcycle, three-wheeled motorcycle, auto cycle, moped and other similar vehicles. When buying insurance for motorcycles in PA, you should consider the state’s minimum coverage requirements. Even cheap motorcycle insurance plans can meet these requirements. These insurance requirements are the same for other vehicles in Pennsylvania. By law, your motorcycle insurance coverage must include:

  • $15,000 liability for injury or death of one person per accident.
  • $30,000 liability for injury or death of two or more people per accident.
  • $5,000 liability per accident for property damage.

In addition to meeting Pennsylvania’s motorcycle liability insurance standards, you must also carry an insurance card with you any time you operate a motorcycle. Failure to provide proof of motorcycle insurance could lead to fines, suspension of your drivers license, suspension of your motorcycle registration and additional fees for reinstating your license and registration.

Rules for Seasonal Motorcycle Coverage in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance policies can be canceled if you plan to put your bike into storage over the winter in the state. However, if you are one of the many Pennsylvania motorcyclists who cancels his or her motorbike insurance after summer is over, then there are a few important facts to note. The DMV will automatically suspend your motorcycle registration as soon as you cancel your insurance policy, which means you will have to surrender your license plate and registration card to the DMV. However, if you submit a special form to the DMV before canceling your motorcycle insurance plan, then you can use the DMV’s seasonal registration option. The seasonal option allows you to register your motorcycle for less than a full calendar year. Additionally, you may choose the month that you want your registration to expire and keep your current registration plates.

You may have the option to get seasonal motorcycle insurance that allows you to keep your coverage over the winter by paying a storage insurance fee instead. However, not every motorcycle insurance company has plans that offer this option.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania?

The motorcycle insurance cost in Pennsylvania varies based on your driving history and your demographic details. The cost of motorcycle insurance also depends on how comprehensive your insurance plan is. Full coverage motorcycle insurance will cost more, but it also offers more financial protection in the event of an accident. Whether you get cheap motorcycle insurance or a full coverage plan, your rate will also depend on how often you drive your motorcycle, where you store it and whether you want coverage over the winter. Motorbike insurance rates also take into account your driving history and which safety features your bike has. Lastly, your age, gender and marital status can affect your rate as well. The motorcycle insurance company uses such factors to assess your risk as a driver and determine the rate you can receive.

How to Get Discount Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania

The cost of motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania may be lowered in a few different ways. First, you may get a discount on your motorcycle insurance when you take a motorcycle safety course and present your certificate of completion to the insurance company. Safety courses are optional for most riders, but they can create a fair amount of savings on your plan. Second, consider becoming a member of a qualified motorcycle association. Motorbike insurance premiums may be lowered for belonging to certain clubs and associations that promote safe driving. Third, insurance for motorcycles in PA is cheaper when you have a clean driving record. Although you cannot eliminate most incidents from your driving record, your insurance rates may become cheaper once enough time has passed after certain incidents. Fourth, the safety features on your motorcycle play an important role in your insurance rate. Motorcycle insurance expenses may go down if you get a bike with more safety features.