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Pennsylvania Traffic School

A Pennsylvania driver improvement course provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your driving skills. Traffic school is oftentimes required to fulfill a court order as well. Similarly, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may require that you take a driving course and pass a knowledge test after you acquire too many points on your driving record. However, you can also choose to take a defensive driving course in PA for personal benefits. A drivers course can be especially helpful if you are an older adult and want to improve your driving skills. Driving classes may even help you get a lower car insurance premium. Pennsylvania has many different online driving school options as well as in-person classes that you can choose from. Continue reading to learn more about DMV traffic school options and find out how to find affordable traffic school programs in Pennsylvania.

Mandatory Defensive Driving Courses in Pennsylvania

You may be required to take driving school in Pennsylvania for any number of reasons. First, driving courses are often required when you receive certain traffic tickets in Pennsylvania. Instances in which you have committed severe traffic violations, such as drinking and driving, is when you are more likely required to appear in court. You may also be able to take traffic school to reduce your traffic ticket charges when you request a court trial to plead not guilty to a driving offense. When driving classes are required by a court order, you may have to use a specific Pennsylvania traffic school chosen by the court. If not, then you should be able to fulfill your driving improvement court requirements by attending any qualified traffic school online or in-person class.

Driver safety courses are also a common requirement after getting a DUI in Pennsylvania. Many courts require alcohol highway safety school to be taken if you receive a serious DUI charge or if you have offended multiple times. Alcohol traffic school in PA is an educational part of the state’s DUI treatment court system that is dedicated to reducing repeat offenses. If required to take this type of driving school, then your classes may include a 12-hour instruction course, group counseling and group treatment. The classes are designed to help you understand the effects of impaired driving, including the legal penalties.

Defensive driving courses could also be required if you have lost your PA driving privileges for any reason. If traffic training is required to reinstate your drivers license or your car registration, then the PennDOT will let you know. The circumstances for revoking driving privileges vary greatly, so there is no standard course of action to follow. Be aware that PA driving improvement courses may be required to get your driving privileges restored in the state.

Finally, traffic school may be helpful if the PennDOT requires you to retake written knowledge exams after receiving too many points on your Pennsylvania driving record. Note that no driver improvement course can remove points from your driving record. However, after you receive six points on your driving history, the PennDOT can mandate that you take a test covering safe driving practices, DMV rules and other driving safety issues. A driver improvement course can help you prepare for the tests.

Mature Driver Improvement Courses in Pennsylvania

Mature driver improvement courses are some of the most common driving classes offered in Pennsylvania. Traffic school options for older adults and seniors include basic driving skills and a refresher course for improving skills. Drivers who are 55 years of age or older may enroll in a mature driver program. Mature driver programs are available from several organizations throughout Pennsylvania and such driving courses can also be taken online in most cases. Driving courses for older adults include tips for adapting to new driving situations and information on how aging affects one’s driving skills and abilities. As an added benefit, state motorists who take a mature driver course in PA and meet the age requirements are eligible to receive a discount on their auto insurance policies.

Choosing a Driving School in Pennsylvania

Before choosing a traffic school in Pennsylvania, be aware that not all schools will meet the requirements to fulfill a court order. Similarly, a driver improvement class you choose to take on your own may not meet insurance company requirements. Neither the PennDOT nor the PA DMV oversee drivers school curriculum or recommend any particular schools, except when it comes to mature driver programs. In many situations, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not a driving school is acceptable and if it will meet the requirements of your insurance program or any court orders you may have. If you are wondering, “How much is traffic school in Pennsylvania?” then you are advised that the costs vary from one school to the next. Prices are set individually by each school and your overall cost depends on how long you have to attend classes.

Some counties and cities in the state may recommend particular Pennsylvania traffic schools or alcohol safety schools that meet their court’s requirements. A county or city-run traffic school may also be an option where you live. If the court does not require you to go to any particular driver improvement school, then you can ask a local official what options are available in your area.