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Pennsylvania Education Center

Residents who need to take a driving exam in Pennsylvania can access drivers test requirements at Pennsylvania education centers throughout the state. Drivers in need of DMV practice exam information or want to take a DMV driving practice test can find testing schedules and make an appointment through the education center. When enrolling in traffic school, you must complete all requirements at approved locations. Only licensed PA DMV traffic school centers can issue certificates for completing testing. Before taking the driver’s education course, you must ensure that you have met all necessary criteria. You cannot complete driver's ed until you have been qualified by a licensed instructor. Your DMV drivers test instructor will alert you to all standards and minimum scores.

Pennsylvania requires all drivers to undergo written and road skills training prior to obtaining a license. During your driver's assessment, you must prove that you are in the physical condition necessary for safe vehicle operation. You should take a drivers ed practice exam before completing the official test to prepare. You may be required to take a Pennsylvania driver's license test when moving to the state. Retaking the driver's exam may be necessary for drivers after the age of 45.

After successfully completing driving lessons, new drivers will receive a probational license to gain valuable driving experience before being allowed to drive without restriction. Traffic school may be required for drivers cited for speeding or reckless driving. Taking traffic school online may be an option to complete court mandated requirements.