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Driver Tests Overview in Pennsylvania

Taking the Pennsylvania driver's test qualifies you to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Every driver must complete all portions of the process to receive a valid driver's license. The drivers license test is only available through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). You can take the written driver's test as well as all portions of the DMV drivers test at a local PenDOT location. The PA driver’s ed test must be completed by the person looking to obtain a driver's license. Driver's examination includes a driving test to measure your ability to use the rules of the road while driving.

How to Complete Pennsylvania Drivers Test Requirement for Vision Testing

Pennsylvania requires that all drivers have the physical ability to drive a vehicle. Therefore, the PA drivers exam includes a test of your vision. Vision testing for the Pennsylvania drivers license exam must take place at a PennDOT location. In order to take the written drivers exam you must first successfully pass your vision screening.

The vision screening for your Pennsylvania driving exam includes an examination of your eyes to be sure you have vision that meets the standards for driving. A certified PennDOT examiner will use a machine to test your vision in several categories. For your DMV vehicle operation test your vision must have vision that meets Pennsylvania’s minimum requirement. If you use glasses or contacts, you must wear them during this exam. You can qualify to pass the vision portion of your driver’s ed test with corrective lenses or contacts. If you use these aids to see, your report will indicate this result. If you do not need any assistive aids for vision to meet the standard, do not use them when taking your vision exam. Your driving test vision requirement will include an evaluation of each eye individually and both eyes together. You must also meet PA driver’s license examination requirements for the range of your vision horizontally. You must still qualify to take yourDMV driving assessmentif you have a vision impairment. This is determined by PennDOT and may require that you undergo periodic monitoring or retesting.

For drivers looking to take driving examinations for other vehicles such as school busses, additional vision requirements apply. School bus drivers test for vision include the ability to distinguish color and a requirement to get a yearly eye exam with an eye doctor.

How to Take the Written Drivers Test in Pennsylvania

Before you can complete a driving exam, you must first complete driver education that includes the skills you need to understand road safety.

To be eligible to complete a driving test in Pennsylvania, you must first complete a written drivers test. The written drivers education assessment allows PennDOT to examine how much you know about road safety, driving rules, safety signs and procedures for operating a vehicle responsibly. You may qualify to sign up for your written drivers’ exam online if you do not need a special examination due to restrictions on your driving terms in PA.

When scheduling your written exam for driver’s license, you should keep in mind that you must also schedule a road skills test, and this test must be scheduled in advance. You can sign up to take your written driving exam the same day you complete your vision assessment and forms. You must complete the PA driver’s license skill test in person at an approved PennDOT location.
To take the Pennsylvania written driver's exam, you will need a proof of identification acceptable according to the PA DMV, proof of residency, your Learner’s Permit Application and your Parent and Guardian Consent form if you are under 18 years old. For U.S. citizens, you must bring your original social security card and one other form of identification. If you are younger than 16-year-old, you do not need to show proof of residency.

PennDOT advises you to practice before taking the written driver's exam to avoid having to take the test again.

Complete the Pennsylvania Driver License Test Requirement for Road Skills Examination

The Pennsylvania drivers ed test includes a portion that tests your driving abilities. Before the driving portion of your driving exam, you must pass your written driving skill test and examinations. If you have not passed these driving test requirements you cannot take the driving test. You must pass the DMV road test to receive your driver's license. Additionally, if you are younger than 18 years old, you must have your driving permit for a minimum of six months before applying for a license. The driver's assessment in Pennsylvania requires that you complete the road test with a certified PennDOT agent in the car. If you are younger than 18 years old, a licensed driver must come with you when you take your driving exam. During the test, you will be asked to perform regular functions of driving. The agent will determine if you complete the operations successfully using a PA approved measurement of skill.

When scheduling your driving assessment, keep in mind that these exams are scheduled months in advance. It is crucial to schedule your Pennsylvania driver's skill exam for a time you will feel comfortable taking it. You should practice driving enough before the driving test so that you feel confident behind the wheel. Your DMV driving assessment can be scheduled online or in person after receiving your permit.

If you do not pass the driving exam and are under 18 years old, you must wait seven days to retake the test. If you are 18 years old, you can retake the PA driving examination in one day.

What are the vehicle requirements for the road skills portion of the Pennsylvania DMV drivers test?

When choosing the car to use during your driver’s ed test, you should consider all PennDOT requirements. You may not use a car that has an expired registration or that is not registered in Pennsylvania. When taking your DMV driving test, you must use a vehicle that does not have a loaded trailer attached. You may be able to use a rental car for your driver’s ed assessment for road skills, however, this depends on your rental company. It is up to you to determine if the car can be used for your test. It is best to identify a reliable car for your Pennsylvania driver's exam. You may want to choose a vehicle for your driving test that you are familiar driving.

You may use a car with an automatic or manual transmission for your driving examination as long as you are familiar with how to operate the vehicle. You will need to utilize a car that has working brakes, lights and mirrors when completing your exam.

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