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How to Replace a Driver’s License in Pennsylvania

A lost drivers license in Pennsylvania can pose risks for drivers because licenses allow drivers to legally operate vehicles. Requesting a replacement drivers license is the first step in maintaining a valid driver’s license. The drivers license replacement process depends on whether drivers need a Non-Commercial Driver’s License or a CDL. To replace drivers license information, drivers may complete the appropriate application. The sections below explain how drivers can replace lost drivers license information. For more on how to replace drivers license information, review the sections below.

Required Documents for a Pennsylvania License Replacement

For the license replacement, drivers will need to present a completed DL-80 form, proper payment (i.e., a money order, check, credit card or debit card), proper identification and a photo. Drivers should also report lost driver’s licenses to PennDOT Drivers may also have to reconcile remaining sanctions from other states and ensure that their licenses are valid at the time of the license replacement request. Updating drivers license information may occur with the replacement process. For instance, drivers may complete the sections of the Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application to state they would like to change or update driver’s license information during the license replacement process. If this is the case, then drivers must also include documents supporting name changes or corrections, birth date corrections or Social Security Number corrections ( If drivers’ licenses were lost or stolen, then drivers may also have to complete a Fraudulent Misuse of Driver License Credentials application (RMO-1DL form). This form requires drivers to state the origin of the incident and suspected perpetrators to validate the complaint (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Fraud.aspx).

When to Replace Drivers Licenses in Pennsylvania

Although a lost drivers license is an inconvenience many drivers choose to ignore, drivers should remedy the situation to avoid future issues. Drivers should replace lost or stolen driver’s licenses as soon as they realize they are missing. In these circumstances, drivers should also report the lost or stolen licenses to PennDOT to ensure that other drivers cannot attempt to steal personal information from them. Additionally, drivers should replace driver’s licenses if they are damaged and cannot be easily interpreted. Driver’s licenses should be legible and presentable to law enforcement officers when necessary. Drivers must request replacement driver’s licenses if their licenses become illegible or ruined beyond repair. Occasionally, drivers may need to request replace lost driver’s licenses if they are never delivered. If this happens, drivers are encouraged to contact PennDOT to ask about the status of pending replacement driver’s licenses (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Replace.aspx).

Reasons to File Police Reports for Lost Pennsylvania Driver’s Licenses

If drivers’ licenses were lost or stolen, they may file a police report to expedite the recovery and replacement process of PA driver’s licenses. Additionally, filing a legal report provides law enforcement officers with enough information to find the lost or stolen driver’s license. PennDOT employs security protocols such as facial recognition technology and can supply incident report forms to drivers, but drivers must act to help reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft as well. Lost driver’s licenses contain personal credentials and are registered with the PA Department of Transportation, so drivers should take precaution when handling their driver’s licenses (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Fraud.aspx).

How to Replace Pennsylvania Drivers Licenses

Replacing drivers license information can be achieved in a few ways: online, in person, by mail or by phone. A duplicate drivers license will be issued to eligible PA drivers once the applications have been evaluated and accepted. To receive a copy of driver’s license information, drivers may need to notarize some sections in the application ( Additionally, the DMV duplicate license application requires drivers to specify the reason why they are requesting a replacement. Drivers asking questions such as “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license?” should reference the next sections. Drivers are encouraged to choose the drivers license replacement method that works best for them.

Replacing Licenses Online

Drivers may replace a lost Non-Commercial Driver’s License online if PennDOT has access to a photo for their replacement license. In on online system, drivers must present their driver’s license numbers, Social Security Numbers and birth dates. A lost drivers license replacement also requires a fee, so drivers should have access to a credit or debit card and be able to print an interim driver’s license that will serve as drivers’ licenses until an official replacement arrives (https://www.dot4.state.PAus/driver_services/dllogin.jsp#top?20171205172837381=20171205172837381).

Replacing Licenses in Person

To apply for a Non-Commercial Driver’s License replacement, drivers may visit a local Driver License Center. They must use the Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application to Replace (DL-80 form). Drivers may update drivers license information and receive a drivers license replacement by bringing a completed application and sufficient identification to a local Driver License Center and paying the processing fee.

Replacing Licenses by Mail

Drivers may replace lost driver’s licenses by mail. To do so, drivers must complete the Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application and mail it, and a check or money order made payable to PennDOT at the following address:


P.O. Box 68272

Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272.

Once the PA Department of Motor Vehicles approves the application, they will either send a camera card or a replacement driver’s license. Drivers must go to a photo center to take a driver’s license picture if they receive a camera card.

Replacing Licenses by Phone

Drivers may replace their driver’s licenses by calling the PennDOT call center at (800) 932-4600. To learn how to replace drivers license information, drivers should follow all instructions given by PennDOT representatives

Note: A replacement CDL in PA can be attained by completing an alternate application form, the Application for Replacement of Commercial Driver’s License (DL-80CD form). However, online services are not provided for replacement Commercial Driver’s Licenses (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Replace.aspx).

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