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How to Obtain ID Cards in Pennsylvania

A PA non-driver ID card is a state-issued form of identification that many residents may obtain. Residents may update an ID card online, but obtaining a new ID requires submitting application forms and documents to a licensing center by mail or in person. While the PA DMV cannot issue new identification cards online, a DMV ID card application may be accessed online. ID card information includes identifying documents and a picture taken at a photo center. To learn how to apply for ID card, residents may review the sections below. For more information on the ID card application, review the sections provided below.

Eligibility Requirements for ID Cards in Pennsylvania

To be eligiblefor an ID card, PA residents must be 10 years old or older. Additionally, residents must provide sufficient proof of residency. Proof of residency for ID cards must be in the form of a lease agreement, utility bill, tax record, mortgage document, W-2 form or weapons permit. A new ID card also necessitates other documentation including a birth certificate, a Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization or a U.S. Passport. For non-U.S. citizens requesting a non-driver ID card, acceptable documentation may include an original USCIS or immigration documents, a valid Passport or a Social Security Card ( Children and teens younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the ID card application process. U.S. veterans have the opportunity to add a veterans designation to their PA ID cards to indicate their statuses as veterans in the United States Armed Forces.

How to Apply for a Pennsylvania ID Card

Residents wishing to apply for an ID card should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Application for Initial Photo Identification Card.
  2. Obtain all identification documents and proof of residency if needed.
  3. Deliver necessary payments.
  4. Bring all forms and payments to a Driver License Center.
  5. Visit a photo center to take an ID picture.
  6. Receive ID card.

Residents may also mail their ID card application forms and documentation to the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Send all forms and acceptable payments to the Bureau of Driver Licensing at P.O. Box 68272, Harrisburg PA 17106-8272 ( Residents will receive a photo card after sending in all the required ID card information to present to a photo center. Proper identification and a camera card will be required to receive a photo ID. ID card payments will vary depending on the resident’s needs. Residents should contact their local Driver License Centers for specific pricing. PA residents must present their Social Security Cards in addition to all identifying information (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Photo-ID2/Pages/Get%20An%20ID.aspx). If residents have already obtained their PA driver’s licenses, then their photos may be on file to use for their new photo ID cards. If this is the case, then the residents may not have to retake their ID card pictures at photo centers.

How to Renew a Pennsylvania ID Card

To renew ID card information, PA residents may utilize an online system. To renew ID card online, residents must provide their ID card numbers and a valid credit or debit card to complete the transaction. Next, residents must enter the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and their dates of birth for complete identification (https://www.dot4.state.PAus/driver_services/dllogin.jsp#top?20171204172551180=20171204172551180). When using the online system, residents should also have access to a printer. Residents should receive a renewal application online when an ID needs to be renewed, but residents may complete an Application to Renew a Photo Identification Card (form DL-54B). Once residents complete and send the application along with the appropriate payment to PennDOT, they will receive a new camera card. A new ID card will be issued to PA residents once they take a photo for their ID cards. A new ID card will be mailed to PA residents once the application has been processed. Residents should be aware that renewing ID cards does not recover lost ID cards. Instead, residents may replace ID card information and receive replacement ID cards.

How to Replace a Lost ID Card in Pennsylvania

To replace ID card information in PA, residents may apply for a duplicate ID card online. Replacement ID cards are issued when ID cards are lost, destroyed or stolen. ID cards may also be replaced if they are never delivered or received after the initial application or a renewal. If residents are registered with PennDOT, residents may replace their photo ID cards online. However, residents must allow up to 10 days for this process. Replacement ID cards will be mailed back to residents after paying the required fee. If residents choose to mail in their replacement photo ID card application, then they must complete an Application to Replace Photo Identification Card (form DL-54B) and mail all pertinent forms to PennDOT at P.O. Box 68272, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272. As mentioned above, a camera card will be delivered to residents unless a recent picture is on file (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Photo-ID2/Pages/Replace.aspx).

How to Update a Pennsylvania ID Card

Residents should update their information on their ID cards following an address or name change. To update ID cards, residents may complete the process using online photo ID services provided by PennDOT. Residents should have access to their photo ID card numbers, a printer, their SSNs, dates of birth and credit or debit card information for the payment. Once residents complete the online forms for updating a PA ID card, they may receive updated versions of them in the mail (https://www.dot4.state.PAus/driver_services/dllogin.jsp#top?2017120418172539=2017120418172539).

Note: Residents should not update their ID card information if their ID cards are due to expire within six months. Instead, they may renew their ID cards.