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Renew Pennsylvania Drivers License

Drivers may renew drivers license information when they receive an Invitation to Renew from the PA Department of Motor Vehicles (PennDOT). These invitations should arrive at least three months before the driver’s license expires. A drivers license renewal maintains a driver’s license and ensures that it remains current and accurate. Renewing drivers license information can be achieved in a few ways for drivers’ convenience. To learn how to renew drivers license information, drivers may review the sections below. For more information on a PA DMV license renewal, review the sections below.

Pennsylvania Drivers License Renewal Requirements

Renewing drivers licenses requires drivers to have valid driver’s license at the time of the renewal request. Drivers may not renew suspended, revoked or cancelled licenses. Drivers may also not renew an expired drivers license if it has been expired longer than six months. To be eligible for a driver’s license renewals, drivers must submit the driving license renewal fee and all required documents including one of the following for U.S. citizens:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Foreign adoption paperwork

Drivers must also provide at least two documents to prove PA residency such as tax records, W-2 forms, lease agreements, mortgage documents, weapons permits or utility bills ( To renew drivers license information, drivers are required to present their Social Security Cards as well.

Consequences of Late Drivers License Renewal in Pennsylvania

If driver’s licenses are not renewed on time, they might become lapsed. In this case, drivers must complete lapsed license renewal forms unless the driver’s license is a CDL or invalid ( (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Pages/FAQ%20Pages/DL-LP-ID-Frequently-Asked-Questions.aspx#Q10). An expired drivers license that has been expired for longer than six months may be subject to fines or license terminations.

Pennsylvania Driver’s License Renewals for Military Members

Driver’s license renewals will be issued to active servicemembers who may be absent at the time of renewal due to their Active Duty Military Statuses. Military members may renew their licenses every four years. To be eligible for military servicemembers driver’s licenses privileges during a military service period, drivers must provide proof of documentation and apply for a Military Status Endorsement Card. The card will maintain a driver’s license’s legitimacy even after the drivers license renewal date passes. To renew drivers license information, military servicemembers must retain their expired driver’s licenses to verify their information (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Information-Centers/Military-Veterans/Pages/Military-Personnel.aspx).

Renewing Pennsylvania Driver’s Licenses While Out of State

Drivers out of state when they must renew their driver’s licenses may be renewed online if drivers still reside in PA However, if drivers have moved out of state, they must transfer their driver’s licenses to their new state. Drivers should also report any address changes to the PA DMV (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/New-Resident-Relocation-Information/New%20Residents/Pages/Info-For-New-Residents.aspx).

Driver’s License Renewal Options in Pennsylvania

Drivers should renew their driver’s licenses if they wish to keep their current driver’s licenses operational. The drivers license renewal process for Non-Commercial Driver’s Licenses should occur every four years. However, drivers older than 65 years old may renew their driver’s licenses every two years. Drivers may renew drivers license information in one of four ways: online, in person, by mail or by phone. Questions such as “Can you renew your license online?” must be resolved in order for drivers to understand the renewal process and choose the method that is best for them.


To renew drivers license online, drivers must only request a renewal. Changes or corrections to driver’s licenses may not be made in the online licensing system. A drivers license renewal online requires drivers to log in to the Online Driver’s License system. An online drivers license renewal also requires drivers to enter their driver’s license numbers, Social Security information and their birth dates for identification. Additionally, they will need to pay all necessary fees. The driving license renewal fee will vary. If drivers require updated ID pictures for their license renewals, then they will be mailed a photo card. Once drivers receive the card, they may take their new driver’s license photos at a PA Photo Center. After their driver’s license renewal applications have been processed, drivers will receive their new licenses.

In Person

To renew driver’s license information at a local Driver’s License Center, drivers must complete a Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application for Renewal (DL-143 form). If drivers are wondering where to renew drivers license information and cannot find a local Driver’s License Center, they may contact the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to find supporting locations. PennDOT may also help them find photo centers for new ID pictures (https://www.dot3.state.PAus/locator/locator.jsp#top?20171205104142455=20171205104142455). After delivering a completed drivers license renewal application, appropriate forms of identification (i.e., Social Security Cards, proof of residency, birth certificates or passports), a new photo and the correct payment, drivers will receive a new driver’s license (

By Mail

To renew drivers license information by mail, drivers must complete a Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application for Renewal. Once the application is completed, drivers must return the application form and payment, made payable to PennDOT, to the Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement at the following address:

Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement 
1227 Strawberry Square 
Harrisburg, PA 17120 (

Seven to 10 days after submitting the drivers license renewal application, drivers should receive a camera card in the mail (unless a new picture is not needed). Drivers may take their camera cards and appropriate forms of identification (i.e., Social Security Cards, proof of residency, birth certificates or passports) to any PA photo center to complete the drivers license renewal process (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Driver-Services/Driver-Licensing/Pages/Renewal.aspx).

By Phone

To renew driver’s license information by phone, drivers may call the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services Customer Care Center number at (717) 412-5300 (http://www.dmv.PAgov/Pages/Contact-Us.aspx). A customer service representative will be able to direct drivers on how to renew driver’s license information.

Note: An Invitation to Renew (DL60A/DL60R form) may replace a Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application.