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How to Get a Commercial Driver's License in Pennsylvania

CDL license requirementsin Pennsylvania are distinct from non-commercial passenger vehicle licensing regulations. For some motorists, this type of license can provide new or expanded career opportunities that make them worth the additional effort. ... Read More

How to Get a Commercial Driver's License in Pennsylvania

CDL license requirements ensure that drivers receive the credentials necessary to operate commercial motor vehicles safely. A CDL drivers license must be .

How to Replace a Pennsylvania Drivers License

A lost drivers license in Pennsylvania can pose risks for drivers because licenses allow drivers to legally operate vehicles.

Driver License Change of Address

A drivers license change of address is necessary when PA drivers’ addresses change due to a recent move. To change address on driver’s license information...

Drivers Test in Pennsylvania

Taking the Pennsylvania driver's test qualifies you to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Every driver must complete all portions of the process to ...

Getting a Pennsylvania Learners Permit

A Pennsylvania learners permit is issued to residents who have not been licensed to operate a motor vehicle. A PA DMV learners permit is required ...

Obtaining New Drivers License in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania drivers license permits residents to operate motor vehicles on public roads and highways. Drivers requesting a drivers license in PA must ...

Change Name on a Pennsylvania Driver’s License

A drivers license name change requires you to change their names with the Social Security Administration (SSA). To change name on driving license, you must present ...

Reinstating a Suspended Driver License in Pennsylvania

A suspended drivers license in Pennsylvania prohibits drivers from operating motor vehicles on public roads.

Pennsylvania ID Card

A PA non-driver ID card is a state-issued form of identification that many residents may obtain.

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